Sunday, August 10, 2014

How to Keep a Peaceful Home

The world often discourages us and leaves us weary and exhausted. Have you ever wondered how to keep serenity in your abode? Here are five tips to restore your domain to a state of tranquility.

1. Meditate- Meditation slows the heart rate,clears our mind and staves away agitation. Begin this practice by simply committing five minutes a day of deep breathing with eyes closed in a secluded area of your home. It can help to say om while meditating or you can reflect on Bible verses. Either way, maintain only positive thoughts during this exercise.

2. Light candles- Lighting candles exemplifies the sacred and the sensual. Several spiritual traditions light candles to demonstrate gratitude or to keep remembrance of an event. Light candles around your bathroom during a soak or in the bathroom to ignite romance.

3. Keep the TV out of your bedroom- Keep the TV in public areas such as the living room or the den. Keep the TV out of your bedroom. Reserve the bedroom for conducive activities such as sleep,sex,reading or talking. You will experience more restorative sleep and greater calm.

4. Play soft music- Jazz, R&B or classical music stimulate benevolent energy. When aggressive forms of music are played, it can provoke vitriolic emotions. Don't allow venomous feelings invade your home. Shove them out with Sade, Miles Davis or Chopin.

5. Aromatherapy- This practice dates back to ancient Egypt. The knowledge gained in that era has been expanded for modern benefits.Lavender, eucalyptus, peppermint and a multitude of scents can be selected for your home. These scents can be utilized for a wide range of purposes such as enhancing concentration, improving memory or as an aphrodisiac.

These tips will enrich your home to the soothing nest you desire. Employ these habits regularly and you will witness a bounty of peace that will overwhelm you.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

In singleness and truth

  Marriage is a beautiful bond that can bring a bounty of joy and prosperity. Yet, I am content with my spinster status. 
(To me, spinster is an endearing term.) It is more significant to be satisfied with the life I have than to postpone my happiness to the days after matrimony. There are so many avenues to bliss, why are we so dependent on only one? I hope that in the 21st century, we as human beings, become accepting of the fact that elation comes in infinite forms. No one's life is automatically devalued because they journeyed single.