Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Sunday, October 16, 2016

I would like to say hello to the readers in Poland. There was a significant influx of readers from that nation yesterday.

Chciałbym pozdrowić czytelników w Polsce. Nastąpił znaczny napływ czytelników z tego narodu wczoraj.

Witam, pięknych ludzi! Niech jesień traktować Cię serdecznie i mam nadzieję, że nadal cieszyć moją stronę. Pocałunki i przytulenia!

The past two weeks

On two successive Mondays, I walked from the Venice Beach boardwalk to the Third Street Promenade. I don't know which experience was lovelier. Breezes on both occasions. The winds felt like cotton against my face, they were that tender. The first Monday I saw Michelle Pfeiffer in Barnes and Noble. I immediately recognized her. She had on shades and free of makeup. I said hello and she said hello back. The following Monday, I was on the walk path near Santa Monica Pier when I noticed Wanda Sykes. She, too, wore shades. A true A-lister needs to be incognito even in diversion. She said hello as well but a bit curt. I said hello gregariously but I did keep walking! I didn't know I liked her so much. Two weeks, two celebrities. Pretty sweet and that wasn't even my intention.