Saturday, July 18, 2015


I saw this incredible band last night. They performed for over three hours and it was my first time seeing them. Anyone who wants to see a performance that exudes joy should take the time to watch Maze featuring Frankie Beverly. All the classics were performed: "Joy and Pain", " We Are One",
"Before I Let Go", " Golden Time of Day"," Happy Feelings",
"Back in Stride"," Feel What You're Feelin" are the songs I remember hearing last night. They encored with "I Wanna Thank You". I get the feeling Frankie Beverly may have gotten sick. He told the audience that "You don't want no overnight love, that'll just take your money. You want love that when you get sick, somebody will take care of your ass love." He still has a voice but it is deeper and raspier. The musicians were incredible. They sound just as wondrous as the record. I would happily see them again.

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