Friday, December 19, 2014

Brazilian Portuguese vocabulary: starches

aipim ( or mandioca doce) - the sweet, non-poisonous manioc root, known in the Northeast as macaxeira.

arroz- rice, usually white rice.

batata- potato, often served as batatas fritas ( French fries).

farinha de mandioca- grated manioc meal that is lightly toasted; it is usually sprinkled on beans or sauces.

arofa- coarse manioc meal roasted in oil or butter with garlic, bits of ham or meat.

feijão- general term for Brazil's many varieties of beans.

mandioca- manioc root, mostly served cooked; mandioca frita, fried manioc is a popular petisco (appetizer) at bars and restaurants.

pirão- a thick sauce made from fish broth and manioc meal, often served with fish.

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