Monday, November 24, 2014

Two businesses I would like to share

I have become acquainted with two personal trainers in the past year. Here they are:

A classmate in my writing class named Steve Moyer owns a business that tends to personal training and meal planning. He serves the greater Los Angeles area. His websites are and Steve is a prime candidate for a personal trainer; he is fit and personable. On his website, he includes that he trained Zoe Saldana for Avatar and a host of other individuals. If you are willing to come to Los Angeles for training, try Steve.

My cousin Roni introduced me to Catrena Sanders, who is based in Charlotte, North Carolina. I worked with her for four months and lost 52 pounds. She placed me on a meal plan and pushed my limits on the treadmill and strength training. She just had a baby and her training will resume in January 2015. Her Facebook page, the Fitness Fiend, is the best way to become more familiar with her.

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