Friday, September 16, 2011

Clean House= Clean Life? Maybe.

The above photograph contains three precious items ( two fragrances and gold-laced vermilion nail lacquer) that I creatively arranged on my desk. If you glance harder, you can see the DVD for Lady Sings the Blues. Am I filthy? No. Confessions of filth tend to be admitted when someone is no longer proud of his/herself. I love myself even when I am wrong. I have been tending to my needs and desires more attentively. A clean house can be indicative of an individual who places fervent value on meticulousness or organization. However, in our postmodern society, I feel that the old adage 
Cleanliness is next to godliness be used with astuteness. Then again, religiousness is not always a quality of holiness. 

Dionysus= Greek god of wine; his followers enveloped themselves in orgies and drunkenness. 

Apollo= Greek god of the sun, poetry, music, prophecy, healing and archery. He held the perception of the most exalted masculine and youthful beauty to the ancient Greeks.** Something many people need to know: the 25th of December is the day of celebration for the birth of Apollo. Think about it.
Zeus= the father god of gods and humans. He faltered many times in his judgment, particularly in his marriage to Hera, the goddess of women and marriage. Hera was the prototype of a jealous, suffering wife. Zeus consistently surrendered to his lust for women and nymphs. ( Nymphs were considered to be lesser goddesses yet highly desirable.)

Research Greek mythology. It tells much of humanity, beautiful and ugly.

Mythology by Edith Hamilton, a superb place of a book to commence.

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