Sunday, September 4, 2011

The AIDS Walk

I want to raise a sum for the AIDS Walk.  This disease is taking lives of people I could love. AIDS is not obvious. It hides in the body. It can happen to all of us. If I see people dying in the street, I am calling help to deliver from the grip of a potentially cold death. I want to help. I am a believer who has to give love. When I receive the royalty crown, I am going to see a little girl and she will wear the crown. I need to give a little girl the crown. All day of the AIDS  walk, I want to hold a little girl's hand. The little girl will receive the crown and I will place the crown on her head. I want to have this request filled with abundance.

If I give her my energy, the little girl could be healed. I want to be a vessel of love, rich and true. Love is similar to blood, those who love need to feel and see the fascinating energy. So I give it freely and abundantly. I would want that for my daughter, to be loved no matter where she goes. All little girls need that reassurance. I want to provide this energy for a lovely little girl.

Thank you for reading,


Please visit my AIDS Walk page if you feel compelled to any degree about the AIDS pandemic.

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