Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Thieves at the Post Office!!!

Every day ( almost) comes a new and temporary frustration.

Last night, as I was checking my mail, I discovered an unpleasant message from the postmaster. It said, " The parcel you have sent to the intended recipient has now been lost."


I read further. ( with shocked and dismayed expression)

It continued, " We have listed the address of the recipient so that we may quicker locate the contents of your lost parcel."

To add insult to injury, someone at the post office saw fit to rip off the top cover of the envelope with both of our addresses written on it and put that ripped-off cover in the envelope to send it to me!!!! Unbelievable !!!

I already know what happened. Some way or another, the package got ripped, whether involuntarily or voluntarily. Someone opened the ripped parcel and took the contents which were fascinating paperback novels. Have you noticed the Post Office largely has women working in the indoors office?

This is a disgrace!

I am finished.

Thank you for reading.

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